SRAM2TLUL Lint Results

Sunday September 17 2023 19:02:18 UTC

GitHub Revision: 3451d3b85

Branch: os_regression


Build Mode Flow Warnings Flow Errors Lint Warnings Lint Errors
default 0 2 2 0

Messages for Build Mode 'default'

Flow Errors

ERROR: %Warning-UNUSED: ../src/lowrisc_tlul_sram2tlul_0.1/rtl/ Signal is not used: 'clk_i'

ERROR: Failed to build lowrisc:tlul:sram2tlul:0.1 : '['make', '']' exited with an error: 2

Lint Warnings

%Warning-UNUSED: ../src/lowrisc_tlul_sram2tlul_0.1/rtl/ Signal is not used: 'rst_ni'

%Warning-UNUSED: ../src/lowrisc_tlul_sram2tlul_0.1/rtl/ Bits of signal are not used: 'tl_i'[61:48,15:2,0]

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